SL200: Lexar introduces compact USB C-SSD

If you’re looking for a fast external storage device, the new SL200 from Lexar is sure to please. The external hard drive is handy, robust, fast, and has a large storage volume.

Only recently, Lexar presented the SL100, a first competitor product to the T5 from Samsung, probably the most popular external SSD in the respective price segment. The SL100 can achieve speeds of up to 950MB per second. The now presented SL200 can’t keep up in this respect, but is considerably cheaper than the SL100. In a way, it is the slimmed down entry level version of this external SSD.

According to Lexar, the SL200 reaches a sequential read speed of up to 550 MB per second. Writing, it is a maximum of 400 MB per second fast. Lexar has not made any other statements so far – random speed, average life span and the type of flash memory are therefore not known. What is well known is that the SL200 has a USB-C port. Thanks to two different cables included, the external SSD can be connected via both USB-C and USB-A ports.

The stored data can be secured using 256-bit AES encryption. However, this is most likely only a software solution. The advanced security solution promised by Lexar is not unique to the SL200, but can be used with a variety of other hard drives.

The Euro prices of the SL200 are not yet officially known. In the USA, the smaller version of the SL200, which has 512 GB of storage space, is available for 89.99 US dollars, while the larger version with one TB of storage space costs 159.99 US dollars. It is also not known when the SL200 will be available in this country.

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