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Aiwa Prodigy Air 2: Cult sound quality in new?

Just recently the Aiwa Prodigy Air In-Ears were released and already the audio brand delivers the successor edition with the Prodigy Air 2. A good reason to turn on the light in the test lab and take a closer look at the wireless earplugs.

If Aiwa doesn’t tell you anything, you can be sure that the brand has an impressive history behind it. Pioneering work in the field of cassette recorders was carried out under her name. Even though the former Japanese company itself no longer exists, the licenses for its products were purchased a few years ago by US brand collector River West Brands. Under the new old brand, the company intends to build on the successes of the previous company with audio accessories.

The Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 are a good opportunity to find out if this has been successful in this case. Therefore we have put the TWEs through their paces.

Technical data

Design In-Ears
Frequency range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Driver 6 mm
Battery life 6 hours (rechargeable three times with charging case)
Loading time 1.5 hours
Dust and water protection IPX5
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Range 10 meter
IP standard IPX5
Battery 50 mAh per Earbud, 600 mAh charging case
Price Price not available *
Aiwa Prodigy Air 2
This product is currently unavailable.

External changes

After removing the earplugs from the charging case, the first thing you notice is the changed design. The look, which is still quite old-fashioned with the first model, is a thing of the past. The Prodigy Air 2 is smaller and has a more refined feel. A large, almost square shape gives way to a Tic-Tac shape in elegant matt black.

So the new True Wireless Earbuds from Aiwa can also keep up with Apple and Co. in terms of design. In terms of workmanship and material, the previous model has already established itself among the big ones. Especially the many earpieces are to be emphasized positively.

The charging case has also become smaller and now fits even better into the bag. This is also worthwhile, as it ensures that the earplugs can be charged at least three times before the case itself has to be connected to the power supply. A small magnet provides the necessary stability in the case so that it does not accidentally pop up. Even rough jerks, such as jogging, do not cause the case to open. The in-ears are also magnetically held in the case and are absolutely secure so that they cannot slip out of the holder.

Proven Aiwa sound ?

In the past, the name Aiwa stood for outstanding sound. At that time, however, music was still played from a cassette. While the sound of the first model of the Aiwa Prodigy Airs could only meet mediocre expectations, the second generation makes it better. Again the bass is clear and good, but especially the mid and high tones have been improved and are convincing. Not bad for a 6 mm driver. Especially the volume is very high compared to other in-ears. So the Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 can keep up well in its price range.

Basically, however, sound is always a matter of taste: while it is completely sufficient for one person, it is too little for another. In general, the Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 has a good sound range and is very focused on the bass, but Bose or Sennheiser are not as good as they come. In short: they deliver what you can expect for the price.

The microphone

Not much has changed here. And it didn’t have to, because the built-in microphone in the predecessor already provided good call communication. Including echo reduction and noise reduction, the microphone also delivers acceptable values when making calls outside. It also supports Siri and Google Assistant.

What else can the Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 do?

The in-ears can be used for up to 6 hours per charge. This is less than with the previous model. But they can also be recharged up to three times with the charging case. So you can get through the day with 18 hours of battery life.

The Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 is connected via Bluetooth 5.0, whereby both earplugs can function autonomously. Thus also times only one Earbud can be used, if one would like to telephone for example only. The control is done by pleasant buttons on the outside. These are not “too crisp”, so you don’t have to press the in-ears into the ear or worry about them slipping. Very pleasant and more everyday friendly than Touch.

Like most audio accessories of this type, the Prodigy Air 2 is waterproof and sweat-proof and therefore IPX5 certified.

The TWEs are supplied with a USB type C charging cable and three different sized silicone attachments, so that a comfortable fit is guaranteed for every ear.

Conclusion and price

Aiwa took to heart what we still had to criticize about the previous model. Above all, the shape of the housing was changed. Now that the earplugs are lighter and smaller, they also enhance wearing comfort.

In addition, the sound of the Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 has improved, which previously also brought up one or two points of criticism.

All in all we can give a clear recommendation to buy this time. Especially since the price at market launch is significantly lower than that of the previous product. With 59.95 Euro the Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 are definitely worth their money.

Aiwa Prodigy Air 2

Wearing comfort
Sound quality
Recording quality
Value for money


The Aiwa Prodigy Air 2 offers a high wearing comfort as well as a voluminous, bass-heavy sound. Considering the low price, the In-Ears can therefore only be recommended.

Aiwa Prodigy Air 2
This product is currently unavailable.

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