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beyerdynamic Byron wired Review: In-Ears with Good Value for Money

We already reported about the Byron series from beyerdynamic last year here . Now we could test two of the models against each other, the Byron Wired for about 49 € and the premium model, the Byron BTA, for about 199 €. It will be interesting to see how the German audio technicians present themselves in the field of in-ear headphones and which user has which version.

We look first at the Byron Wired.

Byron wired, Source: beyerdynamic

Technical data

Converter principle Dynamic
Working principle Closed
Transmission range 10 – 23,000 Hz
Rated impedance 23 Ω
Sound characteristic pressure level 105 dB SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Max. Sound pressure level 124 dB SPL (200 mW / 500 Hz)
Rated power handling 100 mW
Distortion factor < 0.4% (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Type of coupling to the ear in-the-ear
Insulation of external noise 10 dB @ 1 kHz
Cable length 1.20 m
Connection 4-pin stereo mini jack plug (3.5 mm), CTIA pin assignment
Weight. 13 g

Outer & Functions

As the name suggests, the buyer can expect wired (3.5mm jack) headphones from beyerdynamic for Android. The design appears relatively standardized, which doesn’t have to be negative. The headphones are plain and beautiful in black & silver. The plastic is equipped with aluminium elements. With the help of 3 buttons, which are attached to the cable bridge on the left, you can control all fast functions for listening to music and answering calls. A disadvantage is that these are not easy to feel. They lie on a relatively flat plane and only a millimetre thick dot provides orientation for the fingers. But the double occupancy is well thought out here. The connector plug is perhaps too thick for some smartphone cases and makes a 90° bend, which I don’t like so much. The cable is not too thick, but should be able to withstand simple everyday stresses. It’s not a flat belt.

Pro & Cons

In addition to the usual accessories of three Eartips and clip attachment, a small black transport bag is included. This is made of soft fabric and is centrally marked with the name of the audio forge. I think it’s a nice addition, because otherwise you’ll squeeze the earphones into your trouser pocket or somewhere else as a tangle of cables. With a bit of luck, they’ll be ready to hand more quickly and won’t be moved as often. With the exception of the black clip attachment, which is used to attach the cable to the clothing, sporting activities are unfortunately not supported on this model. The ear is not enclosed, the cable is disturbing, the contact surface in the ear is not sufficient to go jogging without problems.

For comfort in the ear, beyerdynamic has unfortunately not come up with anything innovative for this model. Unfortunately, the three supplied fits are now also included in almost every competitor and are therefore not particularly good. The weight is kept low and the headphones are very compact. The Byron wired are averagely comfortable.

The Sound

The sound quality is good for in-ears and will appeal to many users. It is better than most of its competitors and an upgrade over the included headphones of the smartphone giants Apple, Samsung, Sony and Co. As a critical tester I have to point out that the Byron wired are not high-end headphones. In contrast to other models, the basses are precise, not too thick. Mid and high frequencies are good, but could be even more brilliant and clear. The volume’s okay. They are good for in-ears, but compared to good headphones there are still worlds of sound. The potential volume is more than sufficient for the human ear. The headphones shield ambient noise even without noise cancelling. The sound remains in the ear at normal volume, which the people in the subway would thank.

The Microphone

The microphone is integrated in the cable bridge and is sufficient for easy telephoning. The generated audio quality is better than from a smartphone, filtering out ambient noise is okay. The voice is still sufficiently intelligible even when speaking at a lower volume, or if one does not direct one’s speech organ directly onto the microphone. Here, too, the Byron wired are again delivering a good result for their price class. They are not well suited for gaming. The quality is not sufficient for this, it is noticeably worse than good gaming headsets and too long wearing is unpleasant for the ears. But here I don’t see the intended application of the earphones…


The Byron wired are a value-for-money cracker for the ears. They offer a satisfactory all-round package and a relatively good sound. A purchase can be worthwhile if you don’t need any bells and whistles or Bluetooth, listen to music occasionally and want to enhance the sound of your in-ears. The price/sound ratio is very recommendable overall.

beyerdynamic Byron wired

Accessories and Microphone
Value for Money

The beyerdynamic Byron wired are a good upgrade compared to headphones for smartphones. The overall picture is right and the sound is very good for the price.

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