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EZVIZ RS2 test: Flagship function at a mid-range price

When EZVIZ unveiled its first robot vacuum cleaner at the IFA in Berlin in September 2022, it caused quite a stir. After all, the household helper’s specifications sounded extremely promising. However, the market launch of the appliance was a little delayed. The RS2 has been on the shelves in Germany since 2023. Like other products from the manufacturer, the gadget aims to score points with a very good price-performance ratio. Find out what you can expect from the robot vacuum in the EZVIZ RS2 test.

Technical data

Robot vacuum cleaner dimensions – Robot vacuum cleaner: 365 x 103 x 365 mm and 4.6 kg
– Base station: 452 x 580 x 472 mm and 10 kg
Navigation and mapping D-ToF LiDAR
Obstacle detection 3D laser Integrated AI RGB camera Obstacle detection/avoidance
Cleaning modes Vacuum only/ mop only/ vacuum and mop/ vacuum and mop
Suction power 4.000 Pascal
Suction levels Four levels
Mopping levels Three levels
Rechargeable battery – 5,200 mAh rechargeable battery
– Operating time up to 220 minutes
Base capacity – Fresh water tank: 5.5 liters
– Dirty water tank: 5 liters
Capacity of the robot vacuum cleaner – Volume of the dust container: 400 milliliters
– Volume of the water tank: 100 milliliters
Price € 699.99 *

EZVIZ RS2 test: Scope of delivery

ezviz rs2 test

  • RS2 vacuum and mop robot
  • Docking station
  • 2x mop unit (including mop cloth)
  • 2x mop cloth
  • 2x side brush
  • Cleaning brush
  • Sticker for the camera
  • Power cable
  • Quick guide
  • Legal information

EZVIZ RS2 test: design and workmanship

The EZVIZ RS2 is immediately recognizable as a robot vacuum. This is not only due to the round shape of the robot itself. The smart household helper also comes with a separate base station, which is now almost standard and which not only charges its battery, but has even more to offer. But more on that later.

ezviz rs2 test

On the top of the robot is a small turret, which is standard in the industry and hides the LiDAR technology for navigation. You will also find the power button and the maintenance flap, which gives you access to the dust container and the reset button. The sensors and camera technology for object detection are located on the front.

ezviz rs2 test

The two wiping surfaces are located on the underside. The fact that EZVIZ has opted for the rotating, circular wiping surfaces instead of a simple rigid wiping surface makes a good impression at first glance. Let’s see if this pays off in practice. The suction unit with the main brush is also located on the underside.

Unfortunately, EZVIZ relies on a combination of rubber blades and bristles. As the owner of two cats and a dog, I know that this combination doesn’t usually work well with pet hair as it tangles easily. Last but not least, there are two side brushes on the underside of the appliance.

ezviz rs2 test

The smart household helper makes a good impression both visually and in terms of workmanship. Personally, I like the mixture of matt and glossy white for robot vacuum cleaners best, as experience has shown that it is quite robust. It also doesn’t crack or creak anywhere. The workmanship of the entire appliance is of a high standard.

EZVIZ RS2 test: Automatic mop disassembly

Visually, the bass station differs from that of many other robot vacuum cleaners. Finally, the EZVIZ RS2 offers a practical control display, which I have only been able to admire on the Narwal Freo(test) and the Narwal Freo X Ultra(test). You can use the display to conveniently send the robot vacuum cleaner on a cleaning tour or start processes in the base station.

ezviz rs2 test

The base station itself performs various tasks. It not only washes the robot vacuum cleaner’s mops. It also fills the RS2’s water tank so that it does not suddenly run out. For this purpose, there is a fresh water tank (5.5 liters) and a dirty water tank (5 liters). It also dries the mop cloths with hot air after they have been rinsed out after cleaning.

ezviz rs2 test

This ensures greater hygiene and prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. But the real highlight of the base station is the ability to automatically remove and reattach the mops. I have only ever seen this function on the Dreame L20 Ultra(test). In practice, this is a really interesting function, especially for carpet owners.

ezviz rs2 test

Many upper mid-range and flagship appliances do offer the option of lifting their mopping device. However, there is usually only a few millimeters of space between the carpet and the wet mopping surface. As a result, carpets with slightly longer fibers still get wet. This problem is quickly solved with the EZVIZ RS2.

EZVIZ RS2 test: No suction station

The flap on the front of the base station is also practical. Here you can conveniently store accessories that you may need to access from time to time. Spare wipes and cleaning tools in particular can be stored here. However, the base station has a real weakness – it has no suction function. That’s a real shame.

ezviz rs2 test

Because it means that you have to empty the dust container of the robot vacuum cleaner after every cleaning process if possible. This is not only a bit fiddly, but also means a considerable reduction in user comfort. But there is one advantage: you save on buying vacuum cleaner bags. Unfortunately, these are essential for stations with a suction function.

EZVIZ RS2 test: Camera unit on the front

There is a 3K camera on the front of the EZVIZ RS2. It is not only used for object detection. It also allows you to use the robot vacuum cleaner as a kind of remote-controlled surveillance camera. If you don’t feel like doing this, you can use the sticker supplied and make the camera blind, so to speak.

ezviz rs2 test
Don’t fancy camera surveillance? A suitable sticker is included in the scope of delivery

But you should think about whether you really want this. After all, object recognition is also lost. According to EZVIZ, it relies on an AI-supported system to detect obstacles.

ezviz rs2 test
You can use the arrow buttons to guide the robot vacuum cleaner around your home as a remote-controlled surveillance camera

In cooperation with the camera unit, the AI is even supposed to recognize flat objects such as cables and socks. In practice, the system has actually performed quite well. Even the well-known flagships are not far superior. The robot recognized socks and even Lego bricks without hesitation.

EZVIZ RS2 test: Navigation with LiDAR

When it comes to navigation, EZVIZ relies on the now common LiDAR technology. In the RS2, it ensures that the robot finds its way even in complete darkness.

ezviz rs2 test

The smart household helper always makes its way purposefully through the home. At no point during the test did it seem confused, let alone chaotic. Everything obviously ran according to a system.

EZVIZ RS2 test: EZVIZ app

Of course, you can also connect the RS2 to your home network so that you can send it on a cleaning tour at any time and from anywhere. Setting it up in the EZVIZ app is a breeze. I was already familiar with the smartphone app from the manufacturer’s cameras and doorbells. That’s why I wasn’t put off by the somewhat old-fashioned look.

ezviz rs2 test

Of course, the apps from industry giants such as Dreame and Roborock have an advantage in terms of appearance and operation. But the application is always easy to use. As soon as you have transferred the robot vacuum cleaner to the network, it starts its first cleaning tour. It maps your home. You can not only view the corresponding floor plan in the app, but also edit it.

For example, you can define no-go areas or mark certain areas that the robot vacuum cleaner should clean. You can also select different cleaning levels and adjust the performance of the appliance to your needs. Cleaning schedules can also be set. In the test, I didn’t have the feeling that I was missing a settings option. Voice control with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant is also possible.

EZVIZ RS2 test: suction power

In the cleaning test, I used the EZVIZ RS2 on both hard floors (vinyl, tiles, parquet) and carpets. Thanks to its suction power of 4,000 Pascal, the Robo had no problems vacuuming up oat flakes, rice grains and pet hair on hard floors.

ezviz rs2 test

It also benefited from the two side brushes, which skillfully removed most of the dirt from the corners. However, a small amount of dirt still remained. As soon as the vacuum cleaner moves over a carpet, it automatically increases its suction power. The corresponding sensors do a good job here.

ezviz rs2 test

If you don’t want this, you can also switch off the function in the app. Unfortunately, the cleaning of carpets is not more than solid. Unfortunately, the robot hoover lacks a bit of suction power here. Some competitor models offer significantly more Pascal.

As a result, my long-pile carpet was still a little dirty. My short-pile carpet in the hallway, on the other hand, was no problem for the clever household helper. However, I was really annoyed afterwards when I looked at the main brush. This made me realize why more and more devices, such as the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra(test), rely on a completely rubberized main brush.

If the RS2 is only supposed to vacuum, the two mops remain in the base

This is because a lot of hair gets tangled up in the brush. If you opt for a mixture of rubber and bristles, you will also need to provide a suitable detangling system. The Eufy X10 Pro Omni(test), for example, shows how this can work. Here, a comb combs the hair out of the rotating brush so that it can’t get tangled in the first place.

EZVIZ RS2 test: mopping performance

As the base station does not offer a suction function, it is clear that the EZVIZ RS2 is clearly designed for mopping. And the mops also perform well in practice. They rotate at an impressive 180 revolutions per minute and thus skillfully mop everyday stains.

However, the smart household helper cannot cope with dried-on stains. Only after several attempts was the RS2 able to remove the stain that I had prepared with dried jam. The mop change, on the other hand, proved to be a really cool function in practice.

ezviz rs2 test

The robot returns to the station and removes the mops there. You have various cleaning options. The RS2 can not only mop and vacuum at the same time.

It is also possible to vacuum first and then mop. It is also possible to only vacuum or only mop. You can also choose between four different power modes.

EZVIZ RS2 test: Battery

EZVIZ itself claims that the robot vacuum cleaner can last up to 220 minutes. However, the 5,200 mAh battery only manages this at minimum power and only when vacuuming. If you vacuum and mop at the same time, the maximum runtime is reduced to 135 minutes. However, this is still a very good value. If the battery is empty, it can be fully recharged within three hours.


The robot vacuum cleaner premiere from EZVIZ leaves me with mixed feelings. In terms of design and workmanship, the EZVIZ RS2 has nothing to hide from the high-priced competition. The fact that the mops can be removed from the base and reattached is also a great feature that I have only seen on much more expensive devices so far.

ezviz rs2 test

I was also pleasantly surprised by the navigation and object recognition in the test. Unfortunately, however, there is a lack of functions. In my opinion, 4,000 Pascal is not enough suction power – at least for carpets. I would also have liked a suction function on the base station. You have to take the fiddly dust container out of the robot vacuum cleaner and empty it every time.

ezviz rs2 test

Unfortunately, the mopping performance is also only good. But if you criticize it, you also have to keep the good price in mind. However, I would advise anyone interested to take a look at the Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat(test). Although it does not automatically change the mop, it has a significantly better suction and mopping performance and also scores points with a suction function.

ezviz rs2 test


Design & workmanship
Cleaning performance
Value for money


With the EZVIZ RS2, the smart home company has made a good entry into the robot vacuum cleaner sector. However, the next version could do with a little more ease of use and suction power.

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