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Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry PET test: Now it’s getting hot!

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, you can’t go past the Tineco brand. After all, the US company has built up a well-known reputation in this sector in recent years. In today’s Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry PET test, we want to take a look at another model from the manufacturer. Compared to the basic model, this one aims to score points with a special pet hair filter and hot air drying.

Technical data

Power output 220 W
Fresh water tank volume 800 ml
Dirty water tank volume 720 ml
Noise level max. 78 dB
Max. weight 4.5 kg
Rechargeable battery 4.000 mAh (max. runtime: 35 minutes)
Cleaning modes Auto, MAX and Suction
The price 619,00 Euro

Scope of delivery

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

  • Mop vacuum cleaner
  • Charging/cleaning station
  • Cleaning roller
  • Replacement filter (special filter for animal hair)
  • Cleaning agent
  • Cleaning tool

Differences to the basic model

The Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry PET is part of the manufacturer’s vacuum mop series of the same name. But the name extension is no coincidence. After all, this is an upgrade in two respects. Firstly, there is the “Flashdry” system. The name says it all. After all, it is a hot air drying system that ensures a completely dry roller within a few minutes.

Our test model comes with a special animal hair filter

This is used after the vacuum cleaner has cleaned itself. On the other hand, the model not only comes in dark blue instead of black. On top of that, you get a special filter for animal hair, which explains the nickname “PET”. Accordingly, pet owners in particular who are interested in a vacuum mop should keep an eye on this model rather than the basic model.

Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry Pet Test: Design and workmanship

If it says Tineco on it, it’s Tineco inside. It is therefore not surprising that the Floor One S6 Flashdry PET is also impressive in terms of appearance and workmanship. Unlike the basic version, however, the PET version is not in the main color black.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

Instead, the casing shines in a rather elegant dark blue. This not only looks good, but also feels excellent, which is due to the usual high build quality.

This starts with the ergonomically shaped handle. Its buttons are easy to reach with the thumb and offer great pressure points. You can not only switch the device on and off here. You can also select the cleaning mode and activate the self-cleaning function.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

Another important element in operation is the display. Unlike the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro (test), however, the US manufacturer has opted for more basic features here. This means that you get the most important information on parameters such as wiping mode and battery life.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

However, short videos and the high-resolution visuals of the flagship are not available. Personally, this didn’t bother me. Fans of the iLoop dirt sensor don’t have to worry about the practical illuminated ring either.

The Floor One S6 also uses the colors blue and red to show how dirty the current floor is. There is nothing to complain about with the main unit either. The fresh water tank (800 ml) is located at the back and the dirty water tank (720 ml) at the front.

The cleaning unit is located at the bottom. Here, Tineco relies on a pleasingly wide mopping roller, which leaves only a few millimeters margin to baseboards and furniture edges on both the left and right.

Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry Pet Test: Ease of use

Experience has shown that vacuum cleaners are quite heavy household helpers that are not nearly as flexible as modern cordless vacuum cleaners. But what about the Tineco? With a weight of 4.5 kg, this model is also quite heavy. This wouldn’t be a problem if it had motorized wheels like the Tineco Floor One Switch S7 (test) or a Dreame H13 Pro (test).

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test
The rotation of the roller automatically moves the vacuum cleaner forwards

Unfortunately, this is not the case here. So you have to rely solely on your arm strength when rolling over your hard floors – at least when moving backwards. The cleaning roller pulls you forwards. However, you don’t have to worry about sore muscles. After all, the wheels are pleasantly smooth-running, allowing the vacuum cleaner to roll smoothly across the floor.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test
The household helper does not reach under flat furniture

What is really annoying in everyday life is the pot-bellied design of the vacuum cleaner. Due to the two large water tanks, it is not only a heavy, but also a lumpy piece of household technology. In combination with the limited articulation of the head section, the vacuum cleaner cannot get under flat furniture. If this is important to you, you can take a look at the Osotek Horizon H200 (test) or H200 Lite (test).

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

However, if you need to make tight turns through your home, the Tineco is a real hero. We must also praise the operation via the buttons. This principle is foolproof and even newcomers can get to grips with it very quickly. What I didn’t need, however, was the Tineco app. This is a little gimmick and allows you to check the status of the vacuum cleaner from the couch.

Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry Pet Test: Cleaning performance

The supreme discipline of vacuum cleaners is and remains, of course, cleaning performance. The Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry PET offers you a total of three different cleaning modes to choose from. In the test, I used the Auto mode the most. Here, the smart household helper relies on its on-board dirt sensor and adjusts the amount of water and suction power depending on the degree of soiling.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test
Tineco includes the appropriate cleaning agent

In Max mode, the sensor plays no role. Here, the vacuum cleaner delivers full power, which makes a big difference, especially when it comes to dried-up dirt. The suction mode is helpful if you want to vacuum up liquids rather than dirt. This is because no water is released onto the roller. Instead, the appliance simply sucks up the liquid and sends it to the dirty water tank.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

In my test, I confronted the Tineco with stains from jam, honey and chocolate cream. I let it clean the stains while they were still damp. The vacuum cleaner had no problems with this. After one or two strokes, there was nothing left of the food to be seen. The whole thing looked a little different when it was dry.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

Here the Tineco had a little longer to do. But after ten passes, even the dried honey was history. That really is a very good result. And how does the suction mode perform? There’s nothing to complain about here either. The household helper also coped very well with a mixture of milk and rice.

A big improvement compared to the Tineco Floor One S5 (test) is the design of the cleaning roller. While the S5 only has an almost rimless design on one side, both sides of the Floor One S6 are almost rimless. And that really makes a big difference in practice. After all, you can clean perfectly along skirting boards and don’t have to worry about annoying edges with residual dirt.

Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry Pet Test: Self-cleaning

The charging station of the Floor One S6 not only serves as an energy source for charging the battery. It is also where the vacuum cleaner cleans itself after every cleaning session. To start this, all you have to do is press the corresponding button on the appliance, which is marked with a drop.

During self-cleaning, the mopping roller is first moistened with fresh water while it rotates alternately in both directions. The dirt in the roller is wiped off by the rubber lamella and transferred to the dirty water tank. We are also familiar with this principle from the basic version of the Tineco Floor One S6. But in the Flashdry PET version, the big difference in drying becomes clear.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test
The dirty water produced during the self-cleaning process ends up in the corresponding container

The basic model relies purely on drying by centrifugal force. This means that the roller rotates quickly and the water in the roller is thrown out. On the whole, this may work quite well. However, I would not describe this principle as hygienic. After all, there is bound to be some residual moisture in the roller.

The Flashdry system of the model we tested takes a different approach. After cleaning, the roller is blown dry with hot air at 70°. In view of the high temperatures, the S6 Flashdry PET saves a lot of time. While other models take one to two hours to dry, the Tineco takes a total of seven minutes to complete the entire self-cleaning process.

Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry Pet test: Maintenance

Despite the self-cleaning function, the user also has to do a little work on the Tineco to ensure that the appliance lasts for a long time. The most important thing is to clean the dirty water tank after every cleaning session. Otherwise there is a risk of unpleasant odors. The filter and collection container in the dirty water tank pay off during cleaning.

tineco floor one s6 flashdry pet test

This allows you to dispose of the solids in the waste garbage can first and then simply pour the dirty water down the drain. But of course, the fresh water tank is also important. You should always keep this well filled, as it is not only important for cleaning the floor, but of course also for self-cleaning of the vacuum cleaner.

Without fresh water, nothing works with a vacuum cleaner

You should also check the cleaning unit in the lower area from time to time. Dirt can also build up here over time. You can easily remove the roller to clean the suction shaft if necessary. The practical cleaning tool that Tineco includes in the scope of delivery is a welcome help.


The Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry PET cut a really good figure in the test. You get a stylish and high-quality piece of household technology that impresses with its ease of use and great cleaning performance. Of course, it doesn’t have the powerful display of a Floor One S7 Pro, but the cleaning roller is similarly rimless.

And that pays off, especially when cleaning along skirting boards. When it comes to self-cleaning, Flashdry is a real game changer compared to the basic version. Finally, hot air drying ensures that the roller dries reliably and quickly. So if you’re thinking of buying a Floor One S6, the upgrade is definitely advisable.

Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry Pet

Design & workmanship
Ease of use
Cleaning Performance
Value for money


The Tineco Floor One S6 Flashdry PET is a really good vacuum cleaner that is not only interesting for pet owners.

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