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MSI MPG Velox 100P Airflow – The perfect mix of RGB and Airflow?

With the MPG Velox series, MSI offers visually appealing and high-quality cases that are particularly suitable for gaming. As the name suggests, we took a closer look at the Velox 100P Airflow, the Airflow variant of the Velox 100 series. The spec sheet promises great hardware compatibility, a nice basic configuration, massive RGB lighting and a lot of airflow. You can find out how the MSI MPG Velox 100P Airflow fares in our practical test in the following review.

Specifications of the MSI MPG Velox 100P Airflow

Model: MPG Velox 100P Airflow
Case type: Midi Tower
Dimensions (L x W x H): 474 x 231 x 490
Volume: ~54 liters
Material: Glass, plastic, steel
Front I/O ports: 1x USB-C 3.2
2x USB-A 3.2
1x Audio-Out
1x Mic-In
Mainboard: E-ATX / ATX / M-ATX / ITX
Color: Black
Power supply (position / length): Bottom / max. 220 mm (Without HDD cage)
CPU cooler (max height): 175 mm
Graphics cards: 380 mm
Pre-installed fans: Front: 3x 120 mm (without lighting).
Rear: 1x 120 mm (with ARGB)
Possible fans: Front: 3x 120 mm / 3x 140 mm
Top: 3x 120 mm / 2 x 140 mm
Rear: 1x 120 mm
Side (vertical): 2x 120 mm
Optional radiators (mm): Front: 120 / 140 / 240 / 280 / 360
Top: 120 / 140 / 240 / 280 / 360
Rear: 120
Side: 120 / 240
Hard drives: 2x 2.5″ SSD / 2x 3.5″ HDD
Features: RGB lighting, right side panel perforated, vertical fan slots on motherboard tray, dust filter, vertical GPU mount included, cable management, viewing window
Price: € 139.00 *

Scope of delivery of the MSI MPG Velox 100P Airflow

The case reaches one safely packed and well padded in a large brown cardboard box. Included is, in addition to the case itself, a bag with the necessary accessories. This includes screws for mounting the motherboard, the fans and Co. – For the three pre-installed fans in the front, a suitable cable is supplied, which provides the three unlit fans with the PWM signal and the necessary “juice”. Rounding out the contents of the accessories bag are cable ties, an instruction manual and assembly instructions.

Inside the case is another box that contains a vertical graphics card mount. This can be easily mounted after removing the PCI bezels, in its place. A riser cable is not included.

External impression

The design of the front is kept very MSI typical. We find a large grille here, behind which the unlit fans can be seen. The interior is protected from the nasty dust by a dust filter, which is located behind the grille. We also find an MSI logo in the upper right corner, which has been worked into the plastic. By the way, the grille itself is made of metal and thus makes an extremely stable and high-quality impression. In the lower left corner there is an imprint with the lettering “MPG”, in the color white. The front also surprises with a nice RGB lighting, which we will take a look at later in this review.

The lid is also covered with a large ventilation grille, this takes up almost the entire surface. The grille itself is also metallic and is held in place thanks to two magnets. A dust filter has been mounted on the bottom of the removable grille, which is firmly attached to the grille. The ports and buttons of the front I/O are very numerous. Besides the typical button for turning the computer off and on, there is also a reset button and the button for controlling the RGB lighting. There is no shortage of ports either, MSI has given the Velox 100P Airflow one USB-C 3.2 and two USB-A 3.2 ports. There is also the option of connecting headphones and a microphone via the two audio jacks.

The rear section has no special surprises to offer. The rear has seven PCI slots on offer and it can be seen from the perforated surfaces that this is an airflow case as well. We missed a mounting frame for the power supply in this price range. However, since it is mounted from the inside, this is not a disadvantage.

The underside of the case is a bit more exciting, as a vent is also installed below the PSU position. This is protected from dust with the help of a dust filter. The filter can be easily pulled out to the back for cleaning. The Velox 100P offers enough ground clearance due to the feet, so that the PSU can supply itself with enough air.

In order to ensure the air supply via the possible fans on the mainboard tray, the right side panel has also been given a ventilation grille. This is firmly integrated into the side panel and has been equipped with a dust filter from the inside.


With a volume of around 54 liters, the interior offers enough space, even for high-end components. In the front, as well as in the lid, there is also the possibility to install radiators with a maximum length of 360 mm. Overall, the airflow concept is not to be mistaken for the interior. There are perforated areas in various places, which further support the air supply. For example, part of the motherboard tray (to the right of the rubberized cable grommets) is equipped with small holes. This has created another space for additional ventilation, in the form of two possible 120mm fans. It would also be possible to attach a radiator here. However, this must not exceed the maximum length of 240 mm.

If you take a closer look at the front area of the case, the three black 120 mm fans immediately catch your eye. In contrast to the single fan placed in the rear area, the three fans pre-installed in the front are not illuminated.

A closer look at the PSU cover also reveals the large perforated area on the top. On the visible side of the cover, a continuous stripe can be seen, this is the ARGB stripe, which shines in the desired color during operation.

The back is overall very well thought-out, but it doesn’t offer many innovative options to efficiently stow the accumulating cable clutter. The reason for this is the perforated surfaces. These just push for a tidy cable routing, since the cables could otherwise be visible behind them. However, nothing that can’t be solved with the existing cable management. For fastening and merging cables, the Velox 100P has three Velcro cable ties on offer, plus more slots for attaching conventional cable ties. Also, the Velox 100P has rubberized cable passages, which we can’t imagine this price range without.

The features also include a circuit board, which has six slots on offer. The lighting can then be controlled via an appropriate program (e.g. MSI Mystic Light) or via the LED button on the front I/O. Next to the PCB are two mounting slots for 2.5″ SSDs. To mount the SSDs, the slides are simply pushed upwards and then detach from the mounting.

The PSU bay offers space for PSUs with a maximum length of 220 mm. If you want to install a larger or a conventional ATX power supply, that’s no problem. However, the hard drive cage has to give way for this.


We were very positive about the build quality overall. Starting with the four pre-installed fans to the general selection and quality of the installed materials. A lot of metal was used and plastic was often left out. This makes the case look very valuable and thus a very positive impression is created in this point.

Assembly and lighting

For our hands-on test, the following components found a place in the Velox 100P Airflow:

Overall, the assembly of our test system went very smoothly, thanks to the generous interior volume. All cables could be stowed with a little work and all necessary cable grommets were well positioned. Mounting the large 360 mm radiator in the front also went surprisingly well. Space problems often occur here when fans are mounted and the opening in the PSU cover is too small.

Despite the radiator in the front and the heated air that thus enters the interior, we did not have any temperature problems. The processor stayed within a solid temperature range with a max of 70 °C despite moderate fan speeds.

The lighting of the Velox 100P Airflow really makes a statement. Especially the two LED strips in the front give a nice effect of passive lighting. The colors are rendered brightly and powerfully. The LED strip, which was installed in the power supply cover, also makes a very good impression. A largely transparent material was used for the surface, which nevertheless appears “milky”. Thus, the individual colors blur very nicely and the illumination is not disturbingly bright. We also liked that the case lighting, as well as the lighting of the individual components can be controlled via the button in the front I/O.

Summary of MSI MPG Velox 100P Airflow review

The MSI MPG VELOX 100P Airflow has completely captivated us. Dull Airflow optics are not! The large grille in the front provides enough air to breathe for the individual components, plus the RGB lighting invites you to look.

We also liked the choice of materials and the build quality. The installation of the test system went smoothly and became child’s play due to the interior volume and the options for cable management. Overall, the Velox 100P Airflow was largely convincing in all points and thus represents a genuine recommendation.

MSI MPG VELOX 100P Airflow

Value for money


A well ventilated case, with a nice RGB lighting. The perfect mix of airflow and RGB!

MSI MPG VELOX 100P Airflow price comparison

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With the MPG Velox series, MSI offers visually appealing and high-quality cases that are particularly suitable for gaming. As the name suggests, we took a closer look at the Velox 100P Airflow, the Airflow variant of the Velox 100 series. The spec sheet promises great hardware compatibility, a nice basic configuration, massive RGB lighting and … (Weiterlesen...)

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