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Loupedeck CT in test – a comprehensive and handy tool for content creators

Some time ago we already introduced you to one of the Loupedeck products: the Loupedeck Live. This left a very good impression in our test, because it convinced especially with the extensive functions on the board itself and in addition in the software. Now it’s time for us to take a look at another product from the range, namely the Loupedeck CT. The upper part of the tool is visually and functionally identical to Loupedeck Live. Below it, however, there is something new to discover and we will now take a look at it!

Loupedeck CT Specifications

Dimensions (HxWxD) 160 x 150 x 30 mm
Weight 365 g
Connection USB type C
Internal memory 8 GB
Supported operating system – macOS X 10.14 (and higher)
– Windows 10 (and above)
Included native plugins – Streamlabs OBS (Win)
– OBS Studio
– Twitch
– Spotify Premium
– Philips Hue Bridge
– Adobe Lightroom Classic
– Adobe Photoshop with Camera Raw
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Adobe After Effects
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Audition
– Final Cut Pro X (v. 10.0) (macOS)
– Ableton® Live™ (v.10.0)
– Capture One Pro (macOS)
Price € 499.00*

Scope of delivery

Delivered the Loupedeck CT in a visually very appealing and classy packaging, unpacking becomes a small experience. Matte black on the outside, lined with black felt and an opal look on the side. Neatly packaged, the Loupedeck CT, a USB-C cable, a USB-C to USB-A adapter and a small quick guide are then included.

Design & Workmanship

In this part of the review, we will fundamentally look at the differences to the Loupedeck Live. Before that, we will briefly summarize the similarities. The upper part of both Loupedecks is identical. To the left and right, next to the central, programmable touch keys, there are three knobs each with a decent feedback when moved. Below that, a circular row of buttons runs the entire length, with two functions – simple hotkeys and for swapping profiles. The Loupedeck Live ends here, but the CT adds a few extras.

Twelve new keys, six on each side in two rows, and a large wheel with a small display in the middle are found there. The keys here are once again pre-configured macro keys, which are supposed to provide faster operation. The wheel itself is individually adjustable and only reflects an analog clock when first started. That’s it for the changes – however, something else has changed on the underside, which is made of plastic. The Loupedeck CT is still very flat, but this time it doesn’t have an included mount for a stand to set the Loupedeck up at a bit of an angle. Unfortunately, this means that only flat operation is possible, which we think is a bit of a shame. Overall, the quality of the Loupedeck CT is again on a very high level.

Loupedeck CT Software & Practice

As with Loupedeck Live, all the magic of the product happens in Loupedeck’s in-house software with the same names. By now we are in the 5.0.3 version, small adjustments in the GUI as well as a revised Marketplace with many new easy to add plugins is at our disposal. The operation itself has remained true to its concept: simple click and transfer or drag-and-drop are easy to use. Of course, not only the assignment but also the display of the buttons with display can be freely adjusted. The presets of Loupedeck are the same as those of Loupedeck Live. In addition, prefabricated presets from other users can again be downloaded from the Internet and imported directly via the software.

Unlike the Loupedeck Live, the focus of the Loupedeck CT is not on streaming, but much more on content creation – and the entire new lower section is designed with this in mind. Simple hotkeys are already preset and can be used in the big known programs such as Adobe Cloud without further configuration. Zooming, cropping or adjusting the saturation can then be done quite easily via the Loupedeck. Again, the more effort you put into configuring the Loupedeck CT, the more value you get from the tool in the end.

The new wheel along with the small inner display is especially helpful. By default, this is used Photoshop & Illustrator as a simple color palette or for color adjustments. For this you not only have the display on your own desktop, but in addition in small also on the wheel, which we liked particularly well. If the existing macros are not quite enough and the desire for new ones is imminent, you can of course program more yourself. You also don’t have to worry about the internal memory of 8 GB in total, as it is more than sufficient. You can delve quite deep into the software – if we tried to describe all the functions individually, it would go beyond the scope of this review. But the fact is: No matter if boring office tasks, normal Windows tasks or complex editing of pictures or videos, the Loupedeck CT makes your work easier in a simple way, if you put a little effort into the system beforehand.

Conclusion of Loupedeck CT Test

In conclusion, the question remains whether or not the larger Loupedeck CT is more worthwhile compared to the Loupedeck Live. That depends entirely on one’s intended use. If you are active in the content editing industry as a hobby and do not yet use any complex functions of the individual programs, you can get by completely with the smaller and thus also cheaper variant. If you want to perfect your work and raise it to a higher and above all faster level, then the Loupedeck CT is the right choice. The Loupedeck’s software is easy to use, the functions are intuitive and easy to use, and the design and in-depth workmanship is on an excellent level. For € 499.00* and some configuration effort, you have a perfect and handy tool for everyday use.

Loupedeck CT

Value for money


A small handy and well-made tool for the content editing industry. With a little configuration you can achieve almost anything!

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I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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Some time ago we already introduced you to one of the Loupedeck products: the Loupedeck Live. This left a very good impression in our test, because it convinced especially with the extensive functions on the board itself and in addition in the software. Now it’s time for us to take a look at another product … (Weiterlesen...)

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