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Roccat Kone Aimo Gaming Mouse Review

More than ten years ago, Roccat launched the first version of the Kone gaming mouse. For this year’s anniversary, the latest model will follow, which is named “Kone Aimo”. This model extends the already high-quality mouse series by further functions. What these functions are and what we think of them, we will tell you in this test.

Technical Details

Operation Right Hander
Buttons 8 (Total), 2 (Main), 2 (Top), 3 (Left), 1 (Scroll Wheel)
Scroll wheel 4-way
Scanning LED red/IR
Resolution 12000 DPI (adjustable in 100 DPI steps)
Sensor PixArt 3361
Button Omron
Query rate 1000 Hz, adjustable to 500/250/125Hz
Lighting Multi-Color (RGB)
Connection USB (wired / 1.8 meters)
Power supply USB
Weight 130g
Special features Onboard memory, textile cable, thumb rest
Price € 64.99 * (black), € 49.98 * (white), € 19.00 *[/atkp_product] (grey)

Design & Workmanship

The Roccat Kone Aimo is available in three different colours. In addition to black and white, there is also a gray color variant that was used in this test. Those who are familiar with the older Roccat Kone Gaming Mause will not experience any big surprises at the Roccat Kone Aimo. However, if you take a closer look at the rodent, you will notice some changes and adjustments. In addition to a more striking line, the thumb recess or shelf on the left side has become larger and a lower thumb button has been added. In addition, the lighting elements are much more clearly visible, which is to be emphasized positively and results in a harmonious overall picture.

Once again, Roccat does everything right in terms of processing. Like many of its predecessors, the Roccat Kone Aimo has nothing to complain about. Nothing squeaks, creaks or rattles. All components are absolutely solid and do not shake. As far as quality assurance is concerned, one or the other manufacturer could still learn a lot from Roccat.

Where you could possibly subtract a point is the weight. With a combat weight of 130 grams the Kone Aimo is quite heavy. Flexible weights or a generally lower weight would have been desirable to avoid overstraining the wrist during longer gaming sessions. However, this is of course perceived differently by each person, which is why the mouse with its size and weight can be absolutely perfect for some users.


The Roccat Kone Aimo has a total of eight keys. Two main buttons, two top buttons, three left buttons and a scroll wheel. Of course, the main keys have high-quality Omron switches that are designed for up to 50 million clicks. All keys are very easy to reach and easy to use. The feedback at the touch of a button is also good to hear, but not annoying either.

The new lower thumb button on the left side should be especially emphasized. This is actually very comfortable to reach and offers an easily accessible possibility for various functions. Apropos functions, of course all keys can be assigned comfortably via the Swarm software according to the wishes of the user. Thanks to the Easy-Shit feature, the possible key assignments can even be doubled.

On the underside of the mouse are five large Teflon mouse slides, which are responsible for a smooth and even glide. Of course, the optical Owl-Eye sensor is also located here, which is a modified Pixart PMW 3361 and scans the background via IR-LED. The sampling rate of this sensor is a maximum of 12,000 DPI, which can be adapted to the user’s requirements in steps of 100.

A textile-sheathed USB cable with a length of 1.8 meters is of course also included. The cable makes a high-quality impression, but is somewhat stiff and could gladly be more flexible. However, there should be no problems with a mouse bungee.

The real highlight of the Roccat Kone Aimo is the RGB LED illumination, which extends to the mouse wheel and two elongated LED strips on the back of the mouse. The zones shine bright and look very good. If the lighting is switched off, the LED strips are completely black and continue to provide a very chic overall impression.

The three lighting zones can be illuminated with six different lighting effects. Using the Roccat Swarm software, the user can choose between wave, snake, continuous lighting, heartbeat 2.0, breathing 2.0 and the intelligent lighting system “Aimo”. The latter reacts to the user’s command inputs and creates impressive lighting effects without any configuration effort.


The shape of the Roccat Kone Aimo is ergonomic and especially designed for right-handers. The dimensions are similar to the predecessor Kone EMP, but there are some easily recognizable changes. The Aimo was equipped with more buttons, LEDs and numerous futuristic design elements. Optically a relatively big difference is to be recognized thereby, ergonomically the mouse lies however further very well in the hand. As the Roccat Kone Aimo is relatively large, it is definitely more suitable for users with medium to large hands. If we consider the grip technique, the Aimo is suitable for the Palm Grip, but can of course also be comfortably operated by claw or fingertip grip.

All buttons of the mouse are very easy and comfortable to reach. The main keys are large and can be operated without any problems. The three buttons on the left side are also easily accessible. Relatively untypical is the button at the bottom, which is a welcome addition.


With the Roccat Swarm software you get an additional powerful tool for a comprehensive control of the numerous functions of the Kone Aimo. For example, the polling rate can be adjusted to 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz or 1,000 Hz, but most users will have no reason to deviate from the 1,000 Hz standard. Lift-off rate and sound feedback can also be done in the advanced settings.

Of course, the DPI sensitivity can also be adjusted. The standard range of presets that can be reached via the buttons under the mouse wheel, however, only offers five levels that initially cover less than half the maximum sensitivity of the Aimo. With a maximum sensitivity of up to 12,000 DPI, the mouse can scan even faster. The presets can be comfortably adjusted in the software according to your own wishes.

In the menu for key configuration, the keys can be assigned any number of different actions. A maximum of twelve actions are available, including macros, hotkeys, timers, and the like.

One of the highlights of the Roccat Kone Aimo is of course the RGB LED lighting, which can also be configured via software. Modes such as wave, snake, continuous lighting, heartbeat 2.0, breathing 2.0 and the intelligent Aimo lighting system are available. The brightness, speed and colour design of the effects can then also be easily adjusted.

Conclusion of the Roccat Kone Aimo Review

All in all, the Roccat Kone Aimo is an impressive successor to the original design from 2007. The optics are clean, the lighting impressive and the hardware bundled in it at this price a perfect complement. But for which group of users is this mouse best suited? Considering the ergonomic design, the weight and the available keys and features, one comes to the conclusion that the Kone Aimo is the ideal all-rounder. The mouse is suitable for every game genre and works pixel accurate. For the called price we can therefore do nothing other than make a clear buy recommendation.

Roccat Kone Aimo

Value for Money

A successful gaming mouse for the tenth anniversary of the Roccat Kone!

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