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TT Premium X1 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review

With the TT Premium X1 RGB gaming keyboard Thermaltake has launched another keyboard under the TT Premium brand. With many features they tried to adapt the keyboard to the different needs of the players. Multimedia keys, an audio and USB pass-through-through, chic RGB lighting and the choice between two different switches (silver and blue Cherry-MX switches) are just a few of the features. What the TT Premium X1 RGB with the silver buttons has to offer in practice, we have tested for you.

Thermaltake TT Premium X1 RGB

Design and workmanship

When you hold the TT Premium X1 RGB in your hand for the first time, you notice that you have not thought much about an extraordinary design. There are no ornaments and everything is simple. However, it is noticeable that the packaging contains 8 additional red key caps. These are labeled with Q, W, E, R, A, S, D and F. In addition, a pulling tool for the caps is included directly in the scope of delivery. Last but not least, there is a removable palm rest in the carton, which should not be missing at all on high-quality gaming keyboards. The special feature of this edition is that it is held by magnets on the keyboard. This keeps it firmly attached to the keyboard when you move it, but at the same time it can be removed without much effort.

The quite thick, stable and 1.8 meter long cable is sleeved, which you can also expect in this price range. Next to the cable there is a 3.5 mm socket and a USB port. These are pass-through connections, i.e. they are only forwarded via a cable and must be connected to the computer. Nevertheless, they are very pleasant especially for people whose PCs are a little further away, as you can quickly attach the USB stick to the keyboard. At the upper right corner of the keyboard there are some multimedia keys, as well as a role as a volume control. A closer look reveals that the function keys as well as the control keys are assigned double functions via an FN key. So the keyboard offers everything you need and more. Of course, there is also RGB lighting, which illuminates the TT Premium logo in addition to the buttons. On the underside, there are two feet at the back that can be folded out, so that you can choose between two different inclinations. In addition, all feet, including the removable palm rest, are rubberized.

The workmanship of the X1 RGB is very good. Everything is very stable, even if the case is made of plastic. You don’t get the feeling that you can deform the case, which is mainly due to the inside of the keyboard. The buttons are mounted on a metal plate which provides the necessary stability. This makes the keyboard a bit heavy, but it is very robust. Another positive effect is that the lighting is reflected in a completely different way. Not only the switch is lit, but also the entire area under the buttons and thus really nice to look at, but not for people who are easily disturbed by light sources.

TT Premium X1 RGB

Buttons and switches

The buttons of our tested TT Premium X1 RGB are the Cherry MX Silver. These are characterized by the fact that they have a significantly lower pressure point than other switches and therefore react a little faster. Compared to the standard Cherry MX probes, these are 40 percent faster. This is a very nice feature for gaming, but it is also much easier to press keys that you don’t want to press at all. Problems often arise during the familiarisation phase. In addition, this phase takes much longer than with other keyboards. Once you get used to it, however, the number of wrong keystrokes decreases. In addition, it is noticeable that the stop can now hardly be defined. Which is probably also a big factor in the familiarization phase.

TT Premium X1 RGB

Software and setting options

The software X1 RGB is required for the individual adjustment of the keyboard. Unfortunately, this is not the same as the Tt eSPORTS Iris RGB, which is why you have to install several programs for several products. However, the X1 RGB software allows at least the RGB features previously set for the Iris RGB to be adopted. In addition, I had the problem that the software didn’t recognize the keyboard from the beginning. Luckily, this fixed itself after a while, because the support didn’t respond to my request within 3 weeks.

X1 RGB Software

The clarity of the software can be improved. In a total of six profiles, almost all keys can be assigned their own function. But you have to click through several menus to find what you are looking for.

Of course you can also store macros. These can be imported in a separate tab or you can record them yourself. The lighting can be adjusted in the second tab under the profiles. Here, too, all six profiles are self-sufficient. There are a total of twelve preset effects, each of which can be adjusted a little bit. For example, you can create your own patterns for the wave effect with up to eleven different colors.

X1 RGB Software

Additionally there is an app from Thermaltake. With this you can control almost all settings via the smartphone and more. To use the app, the software must be installed and started on the PC. In addition, the mobile phone must be in the same network as the PC so that the app automatically recognizes which devices are connected. The scan runs automatically, but you can also connect the computer directly via an IP. Once you have done this, you will receive very short explanations on how to use each menu item.

The lighting can be adjusted in the first menu item. Here you can choose between the individual effects and then edit them. Unfortunately the app doesn’t save the last settings and so a static red light is set automatically when starting the app.

In the second menu item macros can be operated from the mobile phone. These can also be self-created macros from the X1 RGB software.

In the next menu you get the possibility to control the PC with a controller without having one yourself. However, this is a bit cumbersome, but a nice gimmick.

Behind point 4 there is a voice control. Here you can start speech recognition at the push of a button and issue commands with your voice. Unfortunately, this explanation does not provide a good introduction and you have to discover the commands yourself.

The last menu item offers a virtual keyboard. But I couldn’t turn it on my Android smartphone and unfortunately I couldn’t set a QWERTY keyboard either. All in all, the app is a nice gimmick, but difficult to access.

Conclusion on the TT Premium X1 RGB Review

The TT Premium X1 RGB gaming keyboard is a very high-quality keyboard. It convinces with good workmanship and very good components. The removable, magnetic wrist-rest is just one sign that Thermaltake has really thought about it and implemented it efficiently.

The Cherry MX Silver Switches take a lot of getting used to, but they are in line with the principle of highest performance and quality. Thermaltake also offers a cool change with the red key caps. In summary, the X1 RGB gaming keyboard* does justice to the TT Premium logo and even if 130 Euros are not little, you get something very good for your money.

TT Premium X1 RGB

Design and Workmanship
Keys and Handling
Value for Money

The TT X1 RGB is a very high quality and fast acting keyboard with chic design and very nice lighting. Unfortunately, the software is not as good.

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