Razer Huntsman V2 Analog: Gaming keyboard with joystick character

If you find the input of classic gaming keyboards too imprecise, you should take a look at the upcoming Razer Huntsman V2 Analog. The popular US manufacturer of gaming peripherals offers a high-end keyboard that can be controlled as precisely as the joystick of a gamepad.

Special optical buttons

Razer calls the special new buttons “Optical Analog Switches.” At the heart of these sensitive input devices are the in-house optical buttons. These rely on a sophisticated on/off signal that is controlled via photoelectric barrier. But on top of that, the depressing depth of the button can be detected. Thus, Razer enables sending analog signals here. This step on Razer’s part is almost revolutionary. After all, we have only known the transmission of analog signals in gaming keyboards from the so-called Hall effect so far. The analog input option opens up a lot of freedom in games. For example, you can set two different signal points. Depending on the depressing depth, a different skill is selected, for example. One should be able to make such setting options in the associated software.

Further fine-tuning compared to the predecessor

At first glance, it is noticeable that the basic layout has been taken over from the Huntsman Elite. However, Razer has also made changes visually. This concerns the palm rest, for example. The comfortable hand rest is still made of artificial leather, but it is now shaped differently. Furthermore, Razer now relies on PBT plastic for its keycaps. This all sounds quite luxurious, which is ultimately also reflected in the price. Thus, Razer demands an MSRP of a proud 269.99 Euros for the special gaming keyboard. Thus, there is currently no large-series keyboard that costs more.

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