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Handy Beamer: What you should pay attention to

Just a few years ago, the projector market looked quite boring. Some of the models were like two peas in a pod. The only differences were in the features, such as the variety of connections or the resolution. But this is no longer the case. There are not only quite large projectors, such as the BenQ TH690ST gaming projector presented in September 2022. In the meantime, you also often come across mobile alternatives such as the XGIMI MoGo 2 Pro, which was presented at CES 2023. On top of that, there are now also special cell phone beamers. These serve, as the name already reveals, the coupling with your cell phone or smartphone. If you start looking for a suitable cell phone projector, the large selection can sometimes seem overwhelming. In order to give you a bit more of an overview, we have compiled the best models from our point of view. But first, we want to explain what you should look for in a suitable device.

What is a Handy Beamer?

Already the term of the Handy Beamer provides with many for confusion, which concerned themselves last some years ago with appropriate projectors. Handy Beamer are not only significantly smaller than conventional models. On top of that, they usually feature compatibility with the AndroidOS and iOS operating systems. This enables convenient coupling between smartphone and projector. The compact size of a Handy Beamer alone also underlines its place and purpose of use. It is intended for enjoying movies and series on the go or for a presentation at school or university. The projector itself is then easily carried from A to B in a backpack. But that’s not the only difference. On top of that, the setup of a mobile beamer is usually significantly different. It is not set up standing or hanging at the end of the room.

Instead, you set up the mobile version at a fairly short distance from the screen to be played. Since some models have an integrated battery, you can enjoy a lot of flexibility. Even without a battery, this is often not a problem. After all, the mini-projectors are not power-hungry and can sometimes be operated with the help of a power bank. However, not all cell phone beamers are the same. After all, there are also significant differences between the individual models in this field. These not only concern the resolution, where everything between 480p and 4K is now possible. On top of that, there are also different audio versions. While some devices promise booming bass thanks to built-in speakers, other models do without any self-produced sound at all. The price increases or decreases depending on the features. Here you have to weigh what is important and what is not.

What should I look for in a Handy Beamer?

If the purchase of a Handy Beamer stands, there are some indispensable equipment characteristics, to which you should pay attention. Since it is essentially about the connection to your smartphone, a certain compatibility is of course requirement number one. So make sure that the Handy Beamer can communicate with your smartphone. Many models support both Android and iOS, but a mistake can be annoying. Furthermore, the hardware power of the device is crucial. In particular, the maximum brightness plays a big role. This is indicated in lumens or ANSI lumens for the projector. The differences between the projectors can be really considerable in this respect. From 200 ANSI lumens up to 3,000 ANSI lumens, everything is possible.

According to the experts at BenQ, the standard for mobile projectors is about 500 ANSI lumens. Values in the four-digit range are then often reserved for devices for home wall use. This is mainly because higher brightness also requires more energy. This is of course a big disadvantage when using the battery, since the runtime also plays a big role here. If you want to use the Handy Beamer primarily for watching movies and series, a good sound is of course also important. There are different options here. Some devices use integrated speakers, while others do not. Of course, it is more convenient if the projector comes with speakers ex-works. However, some models offer quite poor sound, where a separate Bluetooth speaker is advisable.

The best cell phone projectors

In the following, we would like to present four exciting models from the field of cell phone projectors. These may be significantly more expensive than devices from unknown manufacturers, but we advise you not to make any false experiments here. You can certainly get extremely cheap models on Amazon, like the Topvision Mini Beamer, which costs just 99.99 euros. However, you shouldn’t expect too much here. After all, the partly attractive technical data on the product page often sounds better than it is in reality. We recommend that you rather consider devices from well-known manufacturers like Anker, ViewSonic or XGIMI.

Anker Nebula Capsule Max

First up is a compact beamer from the house of Anker. With its dimensions of just 8 x 8 x 15 cm, the Anker Nebula Capsule Max is one of the most compact beamers on the market. Thus, the model with DLP technology probably fits easily into any handbag. Despite its compact dimensions, the Handy Beamer has enough power to be used for one or two movie nights in your own four walls. A brightness of 200 ANSI lumens and a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels aren’t groundbreaking, but they’re perfectly sufficient for the average user. The same applies for the screen diagonal of up to 100 inches. Of course, the mobile beamer can really score when used on the go.

handy beamer
Image: Anker

Thanks to its long-lasting battery, which is said to be able to last up to 3 hours with WiFi turned on, you can easily treat yourself to a movie during your camping trip or fire off a slideshow at the next open air party. Thanks to the reliable autofocus, the projector always ensures reliable keystone correction. The compact projector can be connected to various source devices via USB, HDMI and Bluetooth. The Nebula Connect app is used, which also allows playing Netflix, among other things. Since the Anker Nebula comes with Android 8.1, you can also use various streaming services and other entertainment apps via the projector itself. On Amazon, the cylindrical entertainment guarantor is available at a fair price of 499.99 euros.

ViewSonic M1 Pro

This stylish cell phone projector is similarly compact. The ViewSonic M1 Pro also makes it clear at first glance that it feels particularly at home in mobile use. After all, it hardly takes up any space with 18.2 x 14 x 6.2 cm and is also a real lightweight with a little over 900 g. The possible uses are almost unlimited. The application possibilities are almost limitless. Finally, the Handy Beamer has an integrated battery that is supposed to offer a runtime of 2 hours. If the battery is empty, the Beamer can also be easily supplied with the necessary energy with the help of a classic powerbank. Compared to the model from Anker, the eye-catching stand of the ViewSonic catches the eye. This enables a 360-degree projection, which means that the M1 Pro can be used on almost any screen. No matter if it’s a movie night on the road or a presentation for work. With this you are always well prepared.

handy beamer
Image: ViewSonic

And in the process, the image quality is also impressive. The up to 100-inch image offers a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels and is pleasantly bright with 600 lumens. Thanks to LED technology, the M1 Pro is also extremely efficient. But not only the picture is convincing. On top of that, the stylish mobile beamer also offers a great sound. For this, ViewSonic has enlisted renowned support from Harman Kardon. They have given the projector good sounding acoustics, which is why it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker without any problems. And that brings us to the connectivity. HDMI, USB-A and USB-C in combination with plug-and-play ensure uncomplicated use with PC and TV. WiFi and Bluetooth, on the other hand, enable wireless connections with your smartphone. You can get the ViewSonic M1 Pro on Amazon for 599.00 euros.


Looking for mini projector with battery that perfectly harmonizes with your smartphone and is also suitable for outdoor use? Then the XGIMI MOGO Pro might be the perfect model for you. With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (Full HD), this mobile beamer is significantly sharper than the other two models presented. It also offers a pleasantly bright image with its 300 ANSI lumens. The latter can be up to 100 inches in size with the XGIMI MOGO Pro. An automatic keystone correction is used here to ensure that the image always remains perfectly straight. Since the manufacturer emphasizes that outdoor use is not a problem, it is not surprising that there is a battery under the hood. It is supposed to last for at least two hours and can thus handle the average length of a feature film. Getting the right movies is also no problem.

handy beamer
Image: XGIMI

Finally, the compact beamer offers important connectivity options with Bluetooth, WiFi, USB and HDMI. Chromecast is also on board, among other things. Owners of an Android device in particular will be happy about this. After all, you can comfortably and wirelessly play media via the projector within the network. But you can also enjoy great movies and series without a smartphone. After all, the small projector comes with Android TV ex-works. This means that you have access to more than 5000 apps like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and of course YouTube. XGIMI relies on two integrated 3-watt speakers from Harman Kardon to ensure that the sound is also right. If that’s not enough, you can also connect a separate Bluetooth speaker or even a soundbar via Bluetooth. At Amazon, you can secure the XGIMI MOGO Pro for 549.00 euros.

XGIMI Horizon Pro

Fourth and last, let’s take a look at a powerful mobile beamer that doesn’t offer an integrated battery. Although the lack of an integrated battery makes for a bit less flexibility, the XGIMI Horizon Pro does a much better job, especially when it comes to image quality. Let’s start with the resolution. At 3840 x 2160 pixels (4K), it offers a much sharper image than the models mentioned above. However, the up to 200-inch image not only impresses with a high resolution, but also offers a proud 2,200 ANSI lumens on top of that. Furthermore, HDR10 and an AI brightness setting ensure great movie and series enjoyment. The two integrated Harman Kardon speakers with 8 watts of power are supposed to provide real surround sound.

handy beamer
Image: XGIMI

Despite its impressive technical specifications, the XGIMI Horizon Pro impresses with a compact form factor. The case measures just 20.8 x 21.8 x 13.6 cm. With a weight of 2.9 kg, these are the best prerequisites for putting the projector in a backpack without any problems. Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth, the projector is well prepared for use outside of your own four walls. You can easily establish a connection with your smartphone using your iOS or Android device. But you don’t have to. After all, the Horizon Pro comes with Android TV 10.0, which gives you access to numerous apps. The XGIMI Horizon Pro is available from Amazon for 1,499.00 euros.


A Handy Beamer opens up many possibilities. With the appropriate variety of connections, you can set up your own cinema here even when you’re on the road and thus enjoy movies and series at the campsite, for example. You may also want to enrich an open-air party with a suitable slide show or hold a spontaneous presentation at work or in the context of a job interview. Many things are conceivable. However, a look at the four devices we presented makes it clear that there are sometimes big differences between the beamers. And these do not only concern the technical equipment. In particular, there are significant differences in size. Here you have to know what is more important to you. For example, if the projector is mainly used within your own four walls and you only move it from one room to another, it can be a bit bigger. If, on the other hand, you want to keep it in your bag at all times, a compact model is the right choice. An integrated rechargeable battery provides an extra portion of flexibility, since you don’t have to rely on an external power source. Speaking of small beamers. Last summer, we took a closer look at the Haber Pico T1 (test), an extremely small projector that is not much bigger than a powerbank.

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