Corsair has taken over EpocCam!

Yesterday it was announced that Corsair has acquired the software developer EpocCam. EpocCam is behind the development of the iOS software of the same name.


That Corsair is interested in taking over a software developer in times of Corona is easy to understand. More and more people are working from home and the business of video conferencing and teleconferencing is booming. Meetings and appointments are simply made online. The app from EpocCam was specially developed to turn iPhones and also iPads into a webcam for Macs and Windows PCs. The software is compatible with a whole range of programs. These include Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Meet and also Zoom. So the most common applications for telephone and video conferencing. With the acquisition, the EpocCam brand will be part of the Corsair Elgato division. Corsair already acquired the EpocCam gaming brand in mid-2018. At that time, this led to the rest of Corsair Elgato being renamed Eve-System. This company specialized in smart home and home automation.

IPhones have made great strides in the webcam department. This is where Corsair sees its opportunity, with the use of imaging power. Corsair is picking up where users have trouble finding a quality webcam. Here, of course, there are many possibilities and there Corsair supports. By purchasing the software developer, the gaming brand wants to make the setup for a high-quality webcam stream much easier. Now that EpocCam is now owned by the gaming brand Corsair, streaming video games will make up a larger part of the added value. The EpocCam app has also been launched under the new Elgato brand. In addition, it has also been more deeply integrated with existing products. Corsair also stated that further updates are already in development.

For the time being only on iOS

Using the app is very easy. Just download the drivers from the Apple Store and install them on your MacOS or Windows computer. After installing the drivers, simply connect your smartphone via USB or WiFi and then you can select your phone as a camera using the software. After that the user has his webcam. So far EpocCam is only available for iOS. But here will follow a version for Android.

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