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Corsair K65 RGB Mini: The little child of the big K65 RGB in review

Normally, “mini” is not an adjective that one associates with Corsair. Neither quality, technology, RGB, nor anything else can be called mini at the US manufacturer.

Luckily, mini in this case only describes the size of a keyboard. The K65 RGB Mini complements the series of the same name, which already consists of the compact Lux and the full-size version. The size of the mini version is reduced to exactly 60 percent of this one, but it is supposed to have everything a gaming keyboard needs.

However, Corsair does without any bells and whistles and keeps the focus on switches, hyper-polling and especially on a fast RGB illumination.

We took a look at the keyboard to see what the manufacturer claims are true. There are no spoilers this time, we’ll start directly into the review.

Technical data

Key switch type Mechanical switch
Switch Cherry MX RGB (more than 100 million keystrokes)
Operating force 45 g
Ahead path 1.2 mm (Speed) / 1.9 mm (Silent) / 2 mm (Red)
Sampling rate Up to 8,000 Hz
Key scanning 4,000 Hz
On board memory 8 MB (for up to 50 profiles)
On-the-Fly System Per FN key
Connection USB 3.0 Type-A
Cable length 1.82 m (Type-C to Type-A)
Multimedia keys None
Rollover technology Full key rollover, with 100% anti-ghosting
Lighting RGB (16.8 million colors)
Keycaps PBT double-shot, 1.5 mm thick
Materials Plastic
Colors Matte black
Dimensions 294 x 105 x 44 mm
Weight 0.58 kg
Compatibility Windows 10, macOS 10.15+
Price € 109.00 *

Packaging & Accessories: everything inside

Corsair is known for quality and good workmanship; we teased that much at the beginning. This is already noticeable in the packaging. With matte finishes of yellow and black and a glossy image of the K65 RGB Mini, you immediately know what product and price range you’ve landed in.

Inside the package, besides the compact keyboard, we can expect a second spacebar cap made of ABS, which can be seen in the picture, another cap with Corsair logo on it, for the ESC key, the USB connection cable, and a key puller.

The scope of delivery thus lives up to the keyboard’s name. However, this is not to be judged negatively, after all, all the accessories it needs are inside.

Design & Material: High-quality beauty

From the outside, the Corsair K65 RGB Mini looks neat and despite its size, it’s an eye-catcher on any desk and any gaming setup, no matter how shiny. We especially liked the look with the included cap for the spacebar, which features a pattern consisting of many small triangles.

This one is only made of ABS, while all other keys can be titled as PBT double-shot, but high-quality and durable both types of keycaps are.

Due to the mini format, Corsair did not include function keys and a num pad on the K65 RGB Mini. Thus, the important WASD keys are there, but it gets tight for games that require the Num pad. The bottom line is that most games should be playable. Presumably, the K65 RGB Mini is especially good for simultaneous office tasks and for on the go, when you have to gamble or work away from home.

The highlight, however, is definitely the RGB lighting. It illuminates a border around the keys and also illuminates each key individually. The just mentioned pattern on the replacement cap for the space bar cuts a particularly nice figure. As usual for Corsair, each key light can of course be controlled individually, as well as effects and colors configured. All you need is Corsair’s iCUE software, but more on that below.

In general, we’re a big fan of the looks of the mini version of a gaming keyboard. We don’t even need to talk much about workmanship and materials, as both once again meet the highest standards – just as we’ve come to expect from Corsair.

Switches: Proven quality from Cherry MX

It is nothing new that the US peripherals manufacturer likes to fall back on Cherry switches. It does the same with the K65 RGB mini keyboard, but gives the buyer a choice between Cherry MX Speed, Silent or Red switches.

As the names already announce, some focus on speed – which specifically means a forward travel of 1.2 mm – and others on (almost) silent key use. Meanwhile, the Red switches bring the usual feel of a mechanical keyboard: no tactile feedback and only average noise.

Almost not worth mentioning, because it should also be self-evident, is the full-key rollover, which prevents ghosting 100 percent.

Sampling rate: extra fast sampling under Windows 10

Thanks to the already familiar Axon Hyper-Processing technology, the mini version of a K65 RGB is also fast-paced. Once the 45 g actuation force and the forward travel are made depending on the key switch, it comes into play – literally.

Under Windows 10, the keyboard offers a sampling rate of up to 8,000 Hz (hyper-polling at 0.124 milliseconds) and key scanning of 4,000 Hz. Although the keyboard can also be used with MacOS and on an Xbox, only the usual 1,000 Hz sampling rate is possible here. Even though we did not have any problems when using 8,000 Hz, it can happen that games do not support the high scanning rate, like Razer’s Viper 8K gaming mouse. In that case, it has to be turned down.

For competitive gamers and anyone else for whom milliseconds matter when gaming, the Corsair K65 RGB Mini cuts a really good figure. Since Cherry switches are installed, you can also rely on them. Good work, Corsair!

Memory & Macros: Everything on-board!

Since the small keyboard has no function keys on board, FN key combos and macros have to do it. 8 MB of on-board memory ensure that up to 50 profiles can be stored. There is even unlimited freedom in this regard in software mode.

A manual, which is included in the scope of delivery, reveals how to create, change or delete macros. Otherwise, shortcuts for controlling the RGB lighting are already preset.

Software: The usual Corsair procedure in the new look

For those who want to do it themselves and in more detail, Corsair’s iCUE software offers plenty of options. Together with the new K65 RGB Mini, Corsair also presents iCUE 4. Just like the previous version, all colors can be adjusted to the key, effects can be selected and other settings can be made.

These include enabling Windows Mode, which prevents certain keys from being used in the game, selecting the polling rate, and checking the firmware for updates. In addition, profiles can of course be created and edited.

Basically, it’s mainly an update of the user interface, because iCUE’s feature set was already extremely high before. However, we were surprised by the “speech keys” functionality. This makes it possible to use other keyboard layouts as a secondary layout, for example, to type special characters in another language. This should be an exciting feature especially for globally active eSports players.


All in all, by no stretch of the imagination do we have any negative criticism of Corsair’s K65 RGB Mini to put on paper. From materials and workmanship, to switches and speed, to on-board capabilities, this little keyboard packs a punch.

We are very enthusiastic and can recommend the keyboard to all gamers – whether hobbyists or professionals -, office junkies or permanent commuters. Corsair has once again done a good job. A platinum award goes to the USA!

Corsair K65 RGB Mini

Value for money


Compact and without many frills, but equipped with quality, RGB and all the necessary features: the K65 RGB Mini cuts a great figure. Gaming speed is provided by Axon Hyper-Processing technology with a sampling rate of up to 8,000 Hz. Recommended for anyone who needs their keyboard in more than one place.

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