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Best robot vacuum cleaner 2024: Our list of the best

Hand on heart: Do you enjoy removing dirt from your hard floors and carpets with a vacuum cleaner and mop? If not, you’re certainly not alone. Robot vacuum cleaners can do this annoying and time-consuming work for you. However, if you’ve decided to buy one of these robots, you’re faced with a huge choice. That’s why we have tested many different household helpers for you and worked out which model is the best robot vacuum cleaner 2024.

Best robot vacuum cleaners 2024: Our test winners

Dreame L10s Pro

The best robot vacuum with a charging station only
  • Modern design
  • Great cleaning performance
  • Simple, convenient operation
  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Slight weaknesses in obstacle detection

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SwitchBot K10+

The best robot vacuum with suction station
  • Compact design
  • Good cleaning performance
  • Simple, convenient operation
  • Long cleaning time
  • Weak wiping performance

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Dreame L10 Prime

Best robot vacuum with cleaning station
  • Good suction performance
  • Good wiping performance
  • High ease of use
  • Hot air drying
  • Suction power too low for carpet
  • Weaknesses in object recognition

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Dreame L20 Ultra

Best robot vacuum with all-in-one station
  • Elegant design and great workmanship
  • Great suction power
  • Excellent wiping performance
  • Extendable mop pads
  • Good object recognition
  • High price

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Best robot vacuum cleaner 2024: Robot vacuum cleaners with charging station

The smart household helpers should start with a station that only charges the robot’s battery. They score points with a comparatively low price and don’t take up too much space in your home. However, they cannot keep up with the models with a separate station in terms of user convenience.

OKP K5 (Review)

The phrase “small but mighty” may sound trite. But it fits the OKP K5 like a glove. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the small smart household helper fits into tight niches and under very flat furniture. And the design is not just practical. The appliance is also well made and has a modern look.

beste Saugroboter 2024

Control via the app and the Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants is convenient and modern. In practice, the robot scores particularly well on hard floors. Carpets, on the other hand, are a red rag in view of the only satisfactory suction power and the lack of a main brush. If you mainly have hard floors in your home and can do without a mopping function, the OKP K5 is a good robot vacuum at a very fair price.

AENO RC2S (Review)

The AENO RC2S impresses with its great build quality and attractive appearance. Navigation and route finding also work really well. In practice, we only encountered a few problems here and there with obstacle detection. The suction power is also impressive. The robot vacuum cuts a fine figure, especially on hard floors. Despite its rather outdated look, the app also offers a good overview and is easy to use.

beste Saugroboter 2024

Unfortunately, the performance is a little too weak for carpets and, in my opinion, the mopping function is nothing more than a nice gimmick. As you have to change the container separately for mopping, only very few people are likely to use this feature in the long term. But despite all the criticism, the price should not be forgotten. The AENO RC2S offers a really great price-performance ratio and is attractive for all those who don’t want to spend too much money on a robot vacuum.

EZVIZ RE4 (Review)

With an RRP of just under 330 euros, the EZVIZ RE4 is almost a bargain in the robot vacuum sector. The price is possible because the manufacturer focuses on the essentials. And what the smart household helper can do, it does really well for the most part. It not only scores points with its stylish design and high-quality workmanship. It is also easy to set up and control. The EZVIZ app may not be pretty to look at, but it still offers a good overview. It also impresses in its showpiece discipline – vacuuming.

beste saugroboter 2024

At least on hard floors. It lacks a little power for deep cleaning carpets. When it comes to navigation, the Robo performs well with its LiDAR sensor. Obstacle detection, on the other hand, is not exactly reliable for the price. In my opinion, EZVIZ could have done without the mopping function. But as we all know, having is better than needing. So the RE4 proves to be a suitable device for anyone who wants a robot vacuum without a lot of bells and whistles.

Dreame L10s Pro (Review)

The Dreame L10s Pro scored points in pretty much every discipline in my test. It starts with the design and workmanship. Here you get a high-quality piece of technology with a stylish look. I also really liked the many practical options offered by the app. There is hardly anything better on the market at the moment when it comes to orientation. The laser navigation does an excellent job.

Although there are occasional weaknesses in obstacle detection using the 3D camera, this also generally works reliably. The smart household helper is beyond reproach when it comes to cleaning performance. It vacuums and mops like no other vacuum cleaner with a conventional mop plate can. In terms of value for money, the Dreame L10s Pro is way ahead of its competitors.

Models at a glance

Model name Suction power Navigation and obstacle detection App Mop function Station Rating
OKP K5 (Review) 2.500 Pascal IR sensors Yes No Charging function 86/100
AENO RC2S (Review) 2.500 Pascal LDS LiDAR IR sensor Yes Yes, rigid wiper plate Charging function 86/100
EZVIZ RE4 (Review) 4.000 Pascal LDS LiDAR IR sensor Yes Yes, rigid wiper plate Charging function 88/100
Dreame L10s Pro (Review) 5.300 Pascal LDS LiDAR 3D camera Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads (7mm liftable) Charging function 95/100

Best robot vacuum cleaner 2024: Robot vacuum cleaner with suction station

A suction station empties the dirt container of the robot hoover after every cleaning session. For you as a user, this means much more convenience. After all, you usually only have to insert a fresh dust bag into the station every two to three months.

EZVIZ RE4 Plus (Review)

The biggest selling point of the EZVIZ RE4 Plus is its price. Here you get a stylish design, high build quality, modern navigation, suction station, uncomplicated operation, good suction power on hard floors and long battery life for a price of just under 300 euros. Many people will overlook the weak points.

beste Saugroboter 2024

The RE4 Plus has these too. For example, object detection is anything but reliable. The suction performance on carpets is also only satisfactory. What I personally found most annoying was the mopping function. In my opinion, EZVIZ could have done without this and instead installed a little more suction power or at least a main brush made entirely of rubber.

ezviz re4 test

But with all the complaining, you shouldn’t forget the price tag. In the end, it’s still a real value-for-money tip that you should definitely take a look at if you don’t want to spend too much money on a solid robot vacuum.

SwitchBot K10 (Review)

SwitchBot proves one thing above all with its K10: courage. The smart home expert tackles a problem that many other robot hoovers have – they are too big. This applies not only to the robot hoover itself, but also to its compact suction station. And the cleaning performance is also just right. The format definitely pays off, especially in corners and hard-to-reach places.

beste Saugroboter 2024

However, the small form factor also has a decisive disadvantage. If you want a robot vacuum to finish the job quickly, you should steer clear of the K10. After all, it takes considerably longer than its larger counterparts. In my opinion, SwitchBot could really have done without the mopping function.

beste Saugroboter 2024

The concept with the non-reusable damp cleaning cloths is not only ecologically questionable, but also results in annoying follow-up costs. In terms of ease of use, however, SwitchBot once again underlines its expertise in the smart home sector. Thanks to the clearly laid out app, operation is easy and virtually self-explanatory.

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TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus (Review)

The Tapo RV30 Plus scored points in the test with its stylish design, high build quality and good suction power. The long battery life is also really impressive. The app provides you with many setting options that create the best conditions for individual cleaning of your own four walls. The highlight is certainly the suction station, which provides an extra portion of user comfort.

beste Saugroboter 2024

The mopping function as a whole is more of a nice extra than a core feature. You really shouldn’t expect any miracles here, as it’s just a rigid mopping surface. We would also have liked to see an automatic bypass of carpets when the mopping unit is mounted. The device also leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to object detection. In the test, the RV30 Plus overlooked a few obstacles.

TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus Test

You should therefore move small objects in particular out of the way. Apart from the mopping function and the somewhat unreliable object detection, however, this model scores with one thing above all: a good price-performance ratio. The TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus is a good choice for anyone who wants to enter the world of robot vacuums at a low cost and hardly has any carpeting at home.

Eufy X8 Pro (Review)

The Eufy is definitely one of the better devices in the mid-range segment. This starts with its stylish design and high build quality. LiDAR also ensures great navigation. But the real highlight is the suction function. With its suction system consisting of two 4,000 Pascal turbines, the appliance declares war on dust and, above all, pet hair.

beste Saugroboter 2024

I really liked the automatic detangling of the main brush. Pet owners in particular should be pleased about this. Your pets will also appreciate the quiet operation of the robot hoover.

eufy x8 pro test

But there are also a few points where eufy should make improvements. The mopping function in particular is a real thorn in my side, with its rigid mopping surface that has to give in to stubborn stains. Apart from that, however, the Eufy Clean X8 Pro is a really good robot vacuum cleaner that is particularly interesting for pet owners.

Roborock Q8 Max (Review)

If you are looking for a smart household helper that significantly reduces the amount of work with a vacuum cleaner and mop, the Roborock Q8 Max is the perfect choice. The model not only impresses with its high-quality workmanship and stylish design. On top of this, LiDAR sensors and a user-friendly app ensure a high level of operating convenience. The suction power is also impressive.

Roborock Q8 Max Test

This is ensured not only by the 5,500 Pascal, but also by the significantly redesigned rollers on the underside. Compared to its predecessor, this not only means more power, but also less maintenance. However, as good as the suction results may be, you won’t get a miracle mop here. The rigid mopping plate is simply unable to cope with stubborn stains in particular. But it’s certainly better than no mopping function at all.

Roborock Q8 Max Test

Object recognition is also sometimes unreliable. Smaller objects and cables are often overlooked. However, the model certainly masters one discipline – the price-performance ratio. If you can live with the small shortcomings, you get a really good robot vacuum that focuses on the essentials at a comparatively low price.

Laresar L6 Pro (Review)

The Laresar L6 Pro is not a milestone in the history of robot vacuum cleaners. But it doesn’t want to be. Rather, this smart household helper is the epitome of the middle class. And that’s not meant to sound derogatory. It may not stand out as a particular gem in any discipline, but it offers good results overall. At first glance, it scores points with its really attractive appearance, which could also be found in the luxury class.

beste Saugroboter 2024

It also offers great suction power. However, you shouldn’t expect much in terms of mopping performance. The results here are no more than solid. The app, on the other hand, scores with a great overview and many setting options.

laresar l6 pro test

In view of the various points on the plus side, it is clear what the number one selling point is: the price! For the money the manufacturer is charging here, you get really good features. Especially those of you who don’t attach great importance to a powerful wiping function are in the right place here.

Laresar L6 Pro
This product is currently unavailable.

Models at a glance

Model name Suction power Navigation and obstacle detection App Mop function Station Rating
Laresar L6 Pro (Review) 3.000 Pascal LiDAR ToF Yes Yes, rigid wiping surface Suction station 89/100
EZVIZ RE4 Plus (Review) 4.000 Pascal LiDAR IR sensor Yes Yes, rigid wiping surface Suction station 90/100
SwitchBot K10 (Review) 2.500 Pascal LiDAR LiDAR-SLAM Yes Yes, damp wipes Suction station 91/100
TP-Link Tapo RV30 Plus (Review) 4.200 Pascal LiDAR IR sensor Yes Yes, rigid wiping surface Suction station 87/100
Eufy X8 Pro (Review) 4.000 Pascal LiDAR IR sensor Yes Yes, rigid mopping surface Suction station 89/100
Roborock Q8 Max (Review) 5.500 Pascal LiDAR sensors (Reactive Tech) Yes Yes, rigid mopping surface Suction station 89/100

Best robot vacuum cleaner 2024: Robot vacuum cleaner with cleaning station

If robotic vacuum cleaners have a mopping function, a cleaning station is worth its weight in gold. After all, it ensures that the robot’s mopping unit always stays clean and therefore conjures up the best mopping results on your hard floors.

Narwal Freo X Ultra (Review)

Stylish design, high build quality, good cleaning performance, clear app – the Narwal Freo X Ultra impresses in the core disciplines of modern robot hoovers. However, small problems do creep in here and there. For example, it can’t impress when vacuuming or mopping the skirting boards. An uncleaned edge remains, which is annoying. The object recognition may also be quite good, but it can’t really keep up with other flagships in this price range. The dirt compression system inside the robot hoover is perhaps innovative, but requires the regular purchase of special dust bags from Narwal.

Narwal Freo X Ultra Test

This is expensive and not really ecological. At least you can do without the bag as an alternative and empty the conventional dust container regularly instead. However, I would still have preferred a classic suction station. And that’s not the only thing I miss about the base. The manufacturer could also have given the stylish station a hot water wash for the mop pads. I would also have done without the still somewhat unnecessary display altogether. But all this is complaining at a high level.

narwal freo test

After all, the Narwhal is almost completely convincing in terms of suction and mopping power. And that is the supreme discipline for robot vacuums. Nevertheless, it is important not to forget which appliances the robot is competing with. In my opinion, the real Achilles heel of this smart home gadget is undoubtedly its high price. With an RRP of just under 1,200 euros, it plays in the same league as the really big ones and they do their job just as well, if not better.

Yeedi Floor 3 Station (Review)

With the Yeedi Floor 3 Station, the expert for affordable robot hoovers has achieved a real highlight. After all, the company offers a lot for a comparatively low price. The smart household helper not only has a stylish look and great build quality.

I was also impressed by its cleaning performance thanks to its powerful suction power and the two rotating mops. You have to make slight compromises when it comes to navigation. The ToF sensor has been significantly improved compared to its predecessor, but in my opinion it still can’t keep up with LiDAR sensors from the competition. However, if you want a flat vacuum robot, you may be able to live with this.

I would also have liked Yeedi to include a suction system for the collected dust in its base station. Apart from that, the smart household helper makes a solid impression.

Dreame L10 Prime (Review)

The Dreame L10 Prime is a really good robot vacuum cleaner and therefore a great addition to the mid-range of smart household helpers. If you are currently looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, you will not only get good cleaning performance, but also a high level of operating convenience. The L10 Prime comes in the usual high build quality and scores with a stylish, understated design. The suction results are also solid. Only people with a lot of carpeting should perhaps opt for a model with more suction power.

beste Saugroboter 2024

After all, the 4,000 Pascal can definitely reach its limits with long-pile carpets. My personal highlight is the mopping function in combination with the cleaning station. The L10 Prime not only produces great mopping results thanks to the fast-rotating mop pads that press down on the floor. On top of this, the mopping surfaces can be raised by 7 mm, which prevents accidental moistening of short-pile carpets. There is even a hot air drying function in the cleaning station, which is usually only found in the upper class.

However, some people may criticize the lack of a suction function. Unfortunately, I also experienced occasional problems with object detection in practice. The ultrasonic sensors even overlooked my shoes in the test. Despite the minor points of criticism, you always have to keep the price in mind. The price is extremely fair.

Models at a glance

Model name Suction power Navigation and obstacle detection App Wipe function Station Rating
Yeedi Floor 3 Station (Review) 5.100 Pascal 3D ToF for map creation + camera Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads Cleaning station 89/100
Dreame L10 Prime (Review) 4.000 Pascal LiDAR + Ultrasonic sensor Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads Cleaning station 92/100
Narwal Freo X Ultra (Review) 8.200 Pascal LiDAR + Laser vision sensor (3D mapping) Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads Cleaning station 89/100

Best robot vacuum cleaner 2024: Robot vacuum cleaner with all-in-one station

An all-in-one station consists of a suction station and a cleaning station. While the suction station sucks the dirt out of the robot hoover, the cleaning station ensures that the mopping unit on the underside remains clean or moistened.

Uwant U200 (Review)

First things first: the Uwant U200 is a real value-for-money winner. I have never tested a device that offered so many features at such a price. This starts with the scope of delivery. The manufacturer includes a pleasing number of consumables so that you only have to reorder the first dust bag after a few months. The build quality and design are also excellent. The only thing that really bothers me here is the sensitive surface in glossy black.

uwant u200 test

The smart household helper also scores with good orientation. Thanks to LiDAR technology, it creates a map of your entire home in a pleasingly short time. The U200 performs very well as a vacuum cleaner. The mopping results are also impressive. Thanks to the cleaning station, the user enjoys maximum ease of use. This is also supported by the clear app, which only has to contend with a few language barriers. Unfortunately, where there is light, there are often shadows.

The U200 is no different. The lack of a camera at the front is particularly noticeable in practice. If you don’t pick up cables, shoelaces and other objects from the floor in time, you have to expect the robot to get tangled up here and interrupt the cleaning process. I would also have liked the U200 to be able to lift the two mop pads so as not to get carpets wet when cleaning. If you have a lot of carpeting in your home, you should keep this in mind. This means it has to admit defeat to the top models.

€ 573.00
Buy now* Geekbuying (Coupon: NNNUWU200)

Yeedi Cube (Review)

Has Yeedi succeeded in making its debut in the field of all-in-one solutions? I think that the Yeedi Cube is a complete success in many respects. This starts with the unusual but cool design and continues with the great build quality. The appliance also scores points with its good mopping performance, which I would not have expected from the mopping plate. The suction function also achieves great results.

Only on long-pile carpets does it sometimes have its problems. You also get a clear app with lots of setting options. The Cube’s Achilles heel is its navigation. Although VSLAM technology delivers significantly better results here than a Vac 2 Pro, for example, LiDAR is and remains the non-plus-ultra when it comes to robot vacuum navigation.


The decision not to use LiDAR certainly has a lot to do with cost savings. After all, Yeedi would never be able to offer this device at an RRP of less than 700 euros. However, if you don’t want to do without LiDAR and also prefer rotating wiping pads for the wiping function, you should take a closer look at the similarly priced Uwant U200.

Eufy X10 Pro Omni (Review)

The Eufy X10 Pro Omni concentrates on the essentials. And I don’t mean that in a negative way. Of course, the flagship models from Roborock and Dreame sometimes offer more features such as automatically added detergent or parked mopping surfaces.

eufy x10 pro omni test

The scope of delivery also seems almost disappointing when compared to the competition. But ultimately, as a customer, you have to ask yourself whether you really need all this. After all, the “robot vacuum kings” charge accordingly.

eufy x10 pro omni test

And this is exactly where Anker comes in with its eufy X10 Pro Omni. With this smart household helper, you get a really impressive price-performance ratio, which makes it easier to enter the field of robotic vacuum cleaners with an all-in-one station.

Ecovacs T20 Omni (Review)

The Ecovacs Deebot T20 OMNI is launched at an RRP of 1,099 euros. What the expert for smart household helpers offers at this price is truly impressive. The T20 OMNI is not only on a par with the company’s own flagship X1 OMNI in pretty much every discipline. Sometimes it even does a few things better and thus compensates for the weaknesses of the upper-class device. This starts with little things like the main roller.

Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni test

This is now made entirely of rubber, which makes maintenance much easier. On top of this, Ecovacs has increased the suction power from 5,000 pascals to an impressive 6,000 pascals. In my opinion, however, it is above all the liftable mop pads that make the difference. These ensure that the smart household helper no longer simply drives around carpets, but simply moves over them with the wiping surfaces raised.

ecovacs deebot t20 test

What’s more, the base station with its 55 °C hot drying air ensures maximum hygiene. For a cost that is 500 euros less than the introductory price of the X1 OMNI, you only have to compromise on the camera technology. But if you don’t need this anyway, the T20 OMNI is undoubtedly a really good robot vacuum cleaner.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (Review)

There is a big difference between the S8 series and the S7 series. The competition has recently made a significant leap forward. This means that Roborock’s nose is no longer as clearly in front as it was with the old generation. Nevertheless, it is still a really good smart household helper.

Once again, the robot hoover scores first and foremost with its technology. In terms of navigation, the LiDAR technology once again ensures really great results. I am also completely convinced by the object recognition and, in my opinion, it is the best on the entire market. The S8 Pro Ultra’s cleaning performance is also really good. The vacuuming results in particular are beyond reproach.

beste Saugroboter 2024

The mopping function, on the other hand, is “only” good. But nothing more. The competitors have simply developed the better system with their rotating mop pads. However, we can probably expect that Roborock is already working on a revision of the mopping unit in its back rooms. Until then, the manufacturer will have to be satisfied with a tie.

Roborock S8 Pro Ultra
This product is currently unavailable.

Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat (Review)

Wow! Dreame has succeeded in creating a hot piece of household technology with the L10s Pro Ultra Heat. The expert for smart household helpers combines the compact design of the L10s Ultra with a few flagship features of the L20 Ultra. Not only does the robot vacuum come with an impressive 7,000 pascals of suction power, it also offers MopExtend, one of the most exciting innovations of the L20 Ultra.

beste Saugroboter 2024

And that’s not all. With its hot water cleaning, it is even one step ahead of the flagship L20 Ultra in one discipline. All of this results in excellent suction and mopping results. The newcomer can also be forgiven for the lack of removable mops and the absence of a front light. Obstacle detection also works really well. These features at a price of less than 1,000 euros are really impressive.

If you are thinking of buying an L20 Ultra, we recommend that you also take a closer look at the L10s Pro Ultra Heat as a significantly cheaper and only slightly inferior alternative. For all those for whom the base of the L20 Ultra is too large, the L10s Pro Ultra Heat is even the better alternative.

Dreame L20 Ultra (Review)

The Dreame L20 Ultra is not only a really good robot vacuum cleaner, but nothing less than a small revolution in this field. Apart from its stylish design, high build quality, reliable navigation and great suction and mopping performance, it is more independent than any vacuum robot before it.

beste Saugroboter 2024

This is not only due to the intelligent mopping function, which offers various other smart mopping functions in addition to MopExtend. The gigantic water tanks also ensure that you hardly have to do anything yourself. The crowning glory is the huge 3.2-liter vacuum cleaner bag, which only needs to be replaced every two and a half months or so.

beste Saugroboter 2024
The extendable mop is a real novelty in the field of robot vacuum cleaners

Apart from these three tasks, the L20 Ultra takes care of everything fully automatically. But of course, all this comes at a price. The high-end robot vacuum with cleaning and suction station comes at a hefty price. However, this is really justified in view of the impressive features.

Models at a glance

Model name Suction power Navigation and obstacle detection App Mop function Station Rating
Uwant U200 (Review) 4.000 Pascal LiDAR IR sensor Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads Suction and cleaning station 88/100
Yeedi Cube (Review) 4.300 Pascal Visual and Laser Fusion Navigation Yes Yes, wiping surface with ultrasound Suction and cleaning station 86/100
Eufy X10 Pro Omni (Review) 8.000 Pascal LiDAR RGB camera with LED Yes Yes, two rotating mop pads Suction and cleaning station 90/100
Ecovacs Deebot T20 OMNI (Review) 6.000 Pascal LiDAR cross laser Yes Yes, two rotating mop pads Suction and cleaning station 96/100
Roborock S8 Pro Ultra (Review) 6.000 Pascal LiDAR Reactive 3D Yes Yes, vibrating mopping surface Suction and cleaning station 95/100
Dreame L10s Pro Ultra Heat (Review) 7.000 Pascal LiDAR AI 3D structured light Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads Suction and cleaning station 95/100
Dreame L20 Ultra (Review) 7.000 Pascal LiDAR AI 3D structured light Yes Yes, two rotating wiping pads Suction and cleaning station 96/100

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